Body Stories: Menstrual Cycle

Posted by Mariluz Guerra
In this 1-minute short film I am narrating about all the changes that I go through my menstrual cycle: from the slow menstruation, the sharp and fast pre-ovulatory stage, the sensuality of the ovulatory, to the rebellion of the pre-menstrual stage. I feel deeply connected with the waves of my menstrual cycle, but before saying this today I had to go through a process of self awareness, reconnection with my indigenous roots (Kankuama), constant observation and wonder for what is considered the fifth vital sign and one of the most powerful expressions of us human females. Here is the order of stages appearing in this video: 1. Menstruation 2. Pre-Ovulatory 3. Ovulatory 4. Pre-Menstrual 5. Menstruation I hope you enjoy this video

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