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Empowering Creativity, Celebrating Talent

Welcome to the Summer Shorts Contest, a vibrant and contemporary platform designed to nurture the creative spirit and applaud the talents of filmmakers across the globe. This initiative is brought to you by Student Filmmakers Magazine, the leading, dedicated resource for film and video production that's well-loved by industry professionals and educators.

The Journey of Excellence

Our journey began in 2004 when Student Filmmakers took shape as an online portal. By 2006, we were publishing a popular print edition and had already become a trusted ally for educators and industry professionals. Today, we're proud to have over 90,000 subscribers and a strong, thriving community.

We have expanded our reach through a collection of engaging online platforms such as StudentFilmmakers.com, StudentFilmmakersForums.com, StudentFilmmakersStore.com, StudentFilmmakers.Network, HDProGuide.com, and SportsVideoTech.com.

Our parent company, Space Race Publishing, manages these online portals that empower creative professionals within the entertainment industry. We cover all five stages of filmmaking and content development, from development to distribution, making us a comprehensive resource for our community.

Our Mission: Empower, Inspire, Innovate

Our goal is to empower filmmakers, encouraging them to break boundaries and craft their stories with passion and innovation. The Summer Shorts Contest provides a dynamic platform where they can showcase their talent, gain invaluable exposure, and win fantastic prizes.

Why Join the Summer Shorts Contest?

  1. Impressive Prizes: Our exceptional prizes for winners range from state-of-the-art filmmaking equipment to monetary rewards, lifetime magazine subscriptions, and more.
  2. Recognition and Exposure: Winners will be featured in an editorial on StudentFilmmakers.com and in Student Filmmakers Magazine, leading to immense exposure within the industry.
  3. Audience Awards: We value our audience’s opinion. Therefore, we offer additional awards chosen by our audience, providing more chances to win.
  4. Community and Networking: By participating, you join a passionate and thriving community of filmmakers, opening up countless opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Join Us & Illuminate Your Creativity

Whether you're an established filmmaker or a budding enthusiast, we welcome you. Participate in our Summer Shorts Contest to test your skills, gain recognition, and win big. Together, let's enrich the world of cinema!

More prizes are continuously being added, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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Here at the Summer Shorts Contest, we celebrate your courage to create. Let's illuminate the world of cinema, one short film at a time.